Entries for June 2008

Most Americans are expecting $5 gas by Labor Day
June 30, 2008
From Staff Reports Daily Court Review A new survey reveals Americans are increasingly angry and anxious about high gas prices and favor far-reaching action on energy and climate issues. Three out of four Americans, and a similar percentage of like...
Economists voice concerns over education gap
June 30, 2008
From Staff Reports Daily Court Review America’s failure to keep pace with the education gains of other industrialized countries is creating a serious education gap that will impact our economic prosperity, warned several economists who gathered Fri...
SCOTUS to hear gold mining case
June 30, 2008
by Pete Yost The Associated Press The Supreme Court agreed Friday to step into an environmental dispute over a gold mining operation near Juneau, Alaska and a California criminal case in which a convicted killer was granted a new trial. The decisi...
Developer chosen for Texas project
June 27, 2008
From Staff Reports Daily Court Review The Texas Transportation Commission Thursday has selected Zachry American Infrastructure and ACS Infrastructure to develop the Texas portion of Interstate 69. The proposed master plan would develop the southern...
SCOTUS: 2nd Amendment applies to individual citizens
June 27, 2008
by Mark Sherman The Associated Press Americans can keep guns at home for self-defense, the Supreme Court ruled Thursday in the justices’ first-ever pronouncement on the meaning of gun rights under the Second Amendment. The court’s 5-4 ruling struc...