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Murphy Road Self Storage
Start Date/Time:Tuesday, April 06, 2010 9:00 AM
End Date/Time:Tuesday, April 06, 2010 3:00 PM
Recurring Event:One time event
Importance:Normal Priority
Murphy Road Self Storage
Pursuant To Chapter 59 Of The Texas Property Code, The Following Storage Facilities Will Hold A Public Auction Of The Property Being Sold To Satisfy A Landlords Lien. The Sale Begins At 9:00 A.M. On 04/06/10 At 13700 Murphy Road, Stafford,Texas. Property Will Be Sold To The Highest Bidder For Cash, Cashiers Check, Or Money Order. Deposit For Clean Up/Removal May Be Required. Seller Reserves The Right To Refuse Any Bid And To Withdraw Property From Sale. Auction Conducted By Ken Garcia, TX. LIC#8452 Or Bobbie Emerson TX LIC#11986. Property Being Sold Includes The Contents Of The Following
Murphy Road Self
13700 Murphy Road
Stafford, Texas 77477
Sale Begins : 9:00 A.M.
Norbert Grigger: Furniture, Décor & Misc. Items; Helen Sonuya: Décor & Misc. Items; Renita McGowen: Furniture, Décor & Misc. Items.
Space Saver #9
9818 S Gessner
Houston TX 77087
Sale Begins@9:45 A.M
Daniel B Kellow: Bags, Boxes, Chairs, Furniture, Misc. Items; Crystal Strawder: Clothing, Fan, Furniture, Misc. Items; Raquel A Guerrero: Baby Items, Bags, Boxes, Clothing, Suitcase, Toys, Misc. Items; Jimmie J Roberts: Furniture, TV; Cherie A Feldman: Banjo, Boxes, Clawfoot Bathtub, Decorative Items, Furniture, Lamps, Merry-Go-Round Horse, Misc. Items; Cherie A Feldman: Boxes, Decorative Items, Furniture, Misc. Items; Cornell Turner: Books, Boxes, Clothing, Furniture, Stereo, Misc. Items; Cherie A Feldman: Furniture, Lamps, Linens, Toys, Water Cooler, Misc. Items; Donald R Thompson: Decorative Items, 2 Fans, Furniture, Hedge Trimmers, Weed Eater, Mattress/Box Springs; Cornell Turner: Bags, BBQ, 3 Bicycles, Blower, Chainsaw, Microwave, 2 Scooters, Stove, 5 Weed Eaters, Misc. Items; Ernest T Marshall: Bags, Boxes, Decorative Items, Furniture, Microwave, Misc. Items; Jean M Ijames: Audio Equip, Clothing, Decorative Items, Furniture, Misc. Items; Karla M Quintanilla: Engine, Motor Scooter Vin LJ4TCKPF158003194, Silver SUV Vin 2CNBJ13C126954280.
Bellaire Hillcroft
6117 Edgemoor
Houston Texas 77081
Sale Begins @10:30 A.M.
Raul Gonzalez: Boxes, Clothing, Fishing Pole, Bags, Misc. Items; Nelba Ortez: Boxes, Clothing, Furniture, Lamps, Mattress, Suitcases, Misc. Items; Brian K Talbert: Boxes, Clothing, Decorative Items, Bags, Suitcases, Misc. Items; Hermenegilda Benitez: Boxes, Clothing, Fan, Furniture, Suitcases, TV, Vacuums, Scooter, Cooler, Misc. Items; Glenda Celada: Fishing Pole, Furniture, Bicycle, Fax Machine, Printing Machine, Misc. Items; Mark Smith: Boxes (2) Fan, Furniture, Tools, Suitcases, Bags, Misc. Items; Joan Wolfe: Books, Boxes, Decorative Items, Furniture, A/C , Misc. Items; Harry Anderson: Boxes Of Files, Chair; Rhonda Wilkins: Boxes, Decorative Items, Furniture, Mattress, Misc. Items; Juan De Dios Flores: Furniture, Ladder, Tools, Cooler, Power Tools, Hand Tools, Stove, Power Washer, Bicycles, Air Compressor, Truck Parts, Misc. Items; Elizabeth Prentice: Clothing, Fan, Furniture, Mattress, Misc. Items; Maricela Hernandez: Boxes, Clothing, Furniture, Speakers Misc. Items; Danny Cristi: Boxes Decorative Items, Kitchen Items, Suitcases, Tools, TV, Misc. Items; Danny Cristi: Furniture, Tools, Tool Box, A/C Compressor, Misc. Items; Alejandro Serratos: Auto Parts, Clothing, Furniture, Tools, Toys, Bicycle, Misc. Items; Fernando Amaya: Tools, Tool Box, Glass, BBQ Grill, Tires, CD Duplicator, Misc. Items.
Space Saver #8
6333 S. Loop East
Houston, Texas 77087
Sale Begins: 11:30 A.M.
Julio Guerrero: Furniture, Misc. Items, Drum Set, Tools, BBQ Grill, Ladder, Cooler, Boxes; Kelvin J Hannah: Books, Clothing, Furniture, Lamp, Misc. Items, Bed Rails, Monitor, Boxes; Anthony J Mills: Decorative Items, Mattress, Misc. Items, Boxes, Monitor, Keyboard, Mixer, Computer; Deldrien Needum: Furniture, Kitchen Items, Misc. Items, Boxes; Tommie Williams: Furniture, Misc. Items, Boxes, Sewing Machine, Bags; Maria Chacon: Boxes; Maria L Arriaga: Clothing, Decorative Items, Kitchen Items, Misc. Items, Boxes; Naetrice L Johnson: Furniture, Lamps, Mattress, Basketball Goal; Aneola B Idlebird: Clothing, Decorative Items, Mattress, Misc. Items, TV; Pamela Pope: Bicycle, Clothing, Decorative Items, Fan, Furniture, Lamps, Misc. Items, Washer/Dryer; Bennie Brown Jr: Clothing, Computer, Furniture, Lamps, Misc. Items, Blower, Tractor, Weed Eater, Lawn Mower; Mariam Furman: Furniture, Cabinet, Boxes, Tires; Yolanda M Hawthorne: Decorative Items, Misc. Items, Toys, Vacuum Cleaners, (2) Tires, Baby Items; Shanitha I Nwafor: Furniture, Kitchen Items, Mattress, Misc. Items, Boxes; Arquis Kemp: Clothing, Decorative Items, Furniture, Misc. Items, Stereo, TV, Aquarium, Speaker, Window Unit , Boxes; Maria Chacon: Furniture, Mattress, Misc. Items, TV, Aquarium, Boxes; Shawnaveen T Evans: Bicycle, Clothing, Furniture, Misc. Items, Bed Rails; Renella F Wilson: Clothing, Decorative Items, Furniture, Mattress, TV, Boxes.
Red Bluff Road Self
Storage 3601 Red Bluff Road, Pasadena, Texas 77503, 713-477-7947
Sale Begins: 1:00 P.M.
Diana Arizmendi: Boxes, Decorative Items, Furniture, Lawnmower, Mattress, Misc. Items, And Suitcases; Hector Herrera: Baby Items, Boxes, Clothing, Decorative Items, Furniture, Mattress, Microwave, Misc. Items, Fridge, TV And Toys; David Halsey: Air Conditioner, Decorative Items, Fishing Pole, Furniture, Heater, Misc. Items, Suitcases, Washer/Dryer, Stove And Typewriter; Ernesto Garcia: Furniture, Misc. Items, And Fridge; James Follis : Boxes, Clothing, Furniture, Misc. Items, Suitcases, Bags; Samantha Bastidas: Boxes, Decorative Items, Furniture, Mattress, Misc. Items, Suitcases And Television; Conquia Aliz: Bicycle, Boxes, Furniture, Mattress, Misc. Items, Exercise Equipment; Stephanie Trevino: Clothing, Decorative Items, Furniture, Misc. Items, Television, And Bags; Yenny Arias- Hornet Brand RV.
Almeda Storage
10600 Almeda Genoa Rd
Houston, Texas 77034
Sale Begins: 2:00 P.M.
Irene Moreno: Furniture, Clothing, Boxes, Bags, TV, Misc. Items; Kenny Smith: Clothing, BBQ, Furniture, Computer, Stereo, Toys, Baby Items, Boxes, Misc. Items; Alexander Ridley: Furniture, TV, Mattress, Microwave, Toys, Boxes, Misc. Items; Robin Fontenot: Furniture, Mattress, Misc. Items; Stephanie Mitchell: Furniture; Taren Albright: Cooler, Refrigerator, Boxes, Suitcase, Furniture, Décor & Misc. Items; Gilbert Cruz: Baby Items, Fan, Boxes, Clothing, Suitcase, Décor Items; Jamelda Dent: Furniture, Toys, Vacuum, Misc. Items; Donald Taylor: 1983 Pace Arrow Motor Home KCW-42X; Lakia Jackson: Furniture, Lamps, Stereo, TV, Toys, Boxes, Décor & Misc Items; Ori Hammerli: Furniture, Mattress, Ladder, Rug, Boxes, Décor Items; Donna Smith: Clothing, Boxes, Baby Items, Décor & Misc. Items; Billy Banda: Bicycle, Clothing, Furniture, Washer/Dryer, Boxes, Misc. Items; Kin King: Clothing, Furniture, Mattress, Misc. Items; Latif Granderson: 1982 Olds Regency 98 1G3AWQ69N1CM70594; Emory Smith: BBQ, Furniture, Engine Hoist, Window AC, Albums, Misc. Items; Antonio Ramirez: 1995 Mazda 626 4 Door 1YVGE22CXS5363392.
A & B Storage
8750 Old Galveston Rd
       Houston, TX 77034      713-944-3331
Sale Begins: 2:30 P.M.
Marques Walker: 2000 Buick VIN #1G4HP54KXY4197783; Douglas Ray Madison Jr : Furniture, Misc. Car Parts, Shop Heater, Tires, Dirt Bike; Shilah Alvarado: Construction Machines, Construction Materials, Tools, Ladders, Tires, Wheel Barrows, Air Compressor, Lawnmower, Misc. Items; Shilah Alvarado: Ford F-150 VIN 1FTRX17W23NB12809.
Boat Barn II
15450 Hwy 3
Webster, Texas 77598
    Sale Begins: 3:00 P.M.    Stephen Mason: Suitcases, Boxes; Terry Campbell: Boat TX 6691AH; Patricia Salas: Tools, AC Pump, Construction Supplies, Misc. Items; Peter Chady: BBQ, Boxes, Fishing Pole, Lawnmower, Refrigerator, Tools, Coke Machine, Toolbox, Coolers, Ladder Misc. Items; Jennifer Mason: NVG60B, VIN X529L93240357 Dodge Charger; Larry Doyle: Ladders, Cooler, Tool Boxes, Construction Materials, Misc. Items; Bill Brooks; Boat FL588 GIV 981XPI.
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